The Bazaar

An act from the year of 1867 authorized the construction of a small-scale market hall – the Bazaar, a multi-storey “emporium” was built between 1869-1872. In 1893 a clock was installed in the classicist building’s tower inspired by the Romantic style. Since the city’s tradesmen disliked the use of the upper-storey rooms, the building began to function as an all-girls’ school from 1874, later, from 1878, a private girls’ school. From 1923 for almost a half century the county tribunal was located on the upper storeys. From 1978, the first floor has been the home of the “Gyárfás Jenő” Art Gallery, a subsidiary of the Székely National Museum, while currently, in the corner room of the ground floor the MAGMA Contemporary Art Space is located.


József Álmos

Year: 1869-1872

Adress: Piața Libertății Nr. 2